Evangelist Felicia Murchison – Asst. Supervisor of Women

EvangMurchisonAbout Evangelist Felicia Murchison

Felicia M. Murchison was born and raised in Tunica, Mississippi. Throughout her childhood, she and her family were faithful members of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. After graduating from Rosa Fort High School, Felicia joined the United States Army.

Growing up in church, Felicia Murchison has always felt she has had a relationship with the Lord. It wasn’t until 1994 that a friend invited her to a COGIC worship service, and not having a reason to turn her down, accepted that invitation. That same year, Felicia became a member of First Church COGIC. Two years later, she married Min. Glenn F. Murchison.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Sis. Felicia Murchison delivered her very first sermon, and that same year she felt her call to become a missionary in the church. Several years later, she received her missionary license.

In 2009, Missionary Murchison accepted the position as Secretary of the Texas Western Jurisdiction Women’s Department, and still carries that responsibility to this day.

Felicia Murchison retired from service as a 20 year veteran in US Army Reserves. She has studied at Central Texas College and Park University in pursuant of a degree in Business Management. Not to mention, she is a wonderful home maker and a mother of two: Jamal who is in his second year of college at NC A&T, and Gwendolyn Murchison.

Being such a dedicated woman of God, Missionary Murchison was just recently appointed District Missionary of the Immanuel District in the Texas Western Jurisdiction, and she is currently employed by the US Government as a Human Resource Specialist.

Needless to say, District Missionary Felicia M. Murchison is a faithful worker at Bethel FORCE COGIC. As the 1st Lady at Bethel FORCE she spearheads the church Youth Department, Ministers & Deacons Wives committee, Prayer & Bible Band, and the Women’s Department. She is also a choir member, Usher Board member, the Church Secretary, and a Sunday School teacher. In essence, there are very few departments at Bethel FORCE that 1st Lady Murchison’s presence isn’t felt. 1st Lady Felicia Murchison is an excellent example of what a faithful member, a good parent, a supportive wife, and a committed woman of God looks like.

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